Our sustainable chemistry delivers green solutions to haircare

Pushing the boundaries of earth-friendly technology, our Research and Development Team dedicates countless hours in our lab to develop safer options that avoid petroleum-derived materials and other harmful elements linked to health issues. All of our products have been particularly formulated with nutrients you hair needs, and not the chemicals it doesn't. Our chemistry is driven by what the hair naturally requires to be strong, radiant, and healthy.

Our natural and organic products further decrease the dependence on non-renewable resources, and continuously move towards sustainability. We take the green initiative to make our environment and wildlife a priority.

Not only is our chemistry eco-friendly, but our NH-based manufacturing facility boasts energy-efficient boilers, air compressors, lighting, and water heaters. We concentrate on making our entire operation sustainable, beginning with the handling of our raw materials. These suppliers exceed regulatory standards and allow us to manufacture products with the finest and safest ingredients.

And we are proud to manufacture products that are cruelty-free, certified through the People of Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Our natural and organic ingredients meet the following standards:

  • They are grown in land that doesn't use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • They are not genetically-engineered or genetically-modified (which is common in other products)
  • They are synthetic-free
  • Their extraction process is not destructive to the environment
  • Any water included in their composition is of high quality/free of any bacteria or organisms, and often purified
  • They are not tested on animals
  • Their production process has not been exposed to radiation, (which is a common method used to kill bacteria)

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