Statement of Purpose

We manufacture hair products that provide your hair with the nutrients it needs, and none of the chemicals it doesn't. We have set the standard for delivering the finest, naturally-derived products in the beauty industry and we vow to continue developing revolutionary formulations that our consumers can trust. Learn more.

Research and Development

Cutting-edge research, development and production are the motivating forces behind our growth. Our team is constantly looking for new ways to improve hair product performance through independent and collaborative lab studies on plant-based ingredients and natural resources. To learn more about our sustainable chemistry, click here.

Global Sustainability

We support the preservation of the planet's rainforests and support the development of sustainable ecosystems through managed harvesting of botanical oils and extracts. Such wise and sensitive planning for the future of our natural resources also works to ensure economic sustainability of the diverse cultures that exist within these irreplaceable natural oases. Our decision to use natural, botanical ingredients, rather than animal-derived, further enables us to provide you with 'quality without cruelty'.

Our Community

We are a committed leader to the communities we serve, and we act as a valuable resource so that our customers can grow and prosper in the beauty industry. We constantly engage in social and environmental problems through philanthropic efforts and local volunteerism. Above all, our company researches, develops, and manufactures all of our products in the United States. We are proud to support our country and its people and promise to serve as a foundation of strength for generations to come.

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Our Story